How To Improve Eyesight Naturally

Why not let a former, successful opthalmology practice owner show you a proven way to improve eyesight naturally.Discover the simple step-by-step actions you could already be taking to improve your eyesight, without resorting to dangerous and expensive surgery. Throw away those glasses for good!

His name is Duke Peterson. After 20 years running a successful optical business, he stunned his peers and patients by leaving his practice and starting his own corrective eye institute,after studying the amazing vision therapy originally created in 1880 by Dr. William H. Bates, a New York opthalmologist.Dr. Bates argued that vision defects and poor sight could be cured by performing eye relaxation exercises. Following a similar career path, Duke Peterson spent 5 years perfecting his study,creating a system to improve eyesight naturally.

Besides simply learning how to use the Bates method, you'll also see that he has developed his original sight improving concept into an innovative method that's far more advanced in helping you see sharper, clearer, in only a few, short weeks.

Basically, the eye is an organ. Just like any other organ, the eye can strengthen with exercise. As the eye gets stronger, vision improves to the point where you can safely throw away glasses or contacts, permanently.

Here's just some of what the system will give you:

A short list of easy, relaxing eye exercises that can be performed anytime and anywhere taking only a couple minutes each day for sharper, clearer, more focused eye sight.

Detailed information explaining the difference between strained and stressed eyesight, the cause of these two vision defects, and how correcting both will overlap to improving your heath and well-being.

A list of conditions which pose harm to your eyesight and the proper way to protect your eyes from potential damage.

The ability to reverse the leading visual defects imposed upon vision sufferers such as far-sightedness, near-sightedness, dyslexia, lazy eye, cross eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract, retina disorders, and astigmatism.

Sharper, clearer, more focused vision!

Fast relief from headaches and eye strain!

....and much more.

20-20 vision can be achieved, no matter how old you are. As long as you have some sight, this system can help you see again.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Bates Method

Dr William Bates avidly believed in the potential to improve eyesight naturally and spent a great deal of time studying vision problems to show that his theories were correct. He graduated from Cornell University, and became a teacher and researcher of ophthalmology in the New York area. He developed many eyesight improvement techniques, believing that it was possible to see without using glasses. The methods he developed were intended to train the eyes to improve and heal themselves.

Primarily, the Bates Method was developed to assist school children to take in much more information without straining their eyes. Dr Bates realized during his study that eye problems began in school age children, mainly as a result of continual bad habits. As everybody knows, children have an inherent, natural ability to learn new things, but when faced with having to memorize an endless stream of uninteresting information, the mind becomes tired and the eyes become strained.

Trying to memorize all this new information is the main cause of eye strain in children who are urged to absorb this information every day. Children are never given enough break-time to permit the eyes to relax and ease the strain.

This is where the Bates Method scores!

The Bates Method is, in reality uncomplicated and simple to put into practice. He created a large chart of shapes and letters to place on the classroom wall, and the schoolchildren were persuaded to observe this chart whenever they felt overwhelmed with the continuous stream of information. Even looking at the chart for just three minutes per day improved the effects of eye strain.

When the Bates Method was employed by a few schools, teachers rapidly detected a vast improvement in concentration and progress, with the eyes relaxing more and therefore removing eye strain. Unfortunately, the school board of the time felt the method was too distracting, ignored the encouraging results and stopped the practice. China, in fact, is the only country that teaches students vision training.

Nevertheless, the Bates Method can be utilised by just about anyone. For instance, you could create your own chart and place it on any wall. Glancing at the chart from time to time will help to relax the eyes and reduce eyestrain. Training your eyes to relax in this way will help greatly in improving vision not only now but also for the rest of your life.

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Improve Eyesight Naturally - The Art of Palming

There are a number of steps and methods that are possible to take in order to improve eyesight naturally. In the majority of cases, failing eyesight is caused by bad habits and ignoring the routine care of the eyes. As you are aware, the eyes are very delicate and important organs and therefore warrant just as much care and attention as other organs.

One method of helping eyes to relax naturally is called Palming. Even while sleeping, the eyes are always moving around, constantly in motion. As the eyes need to remain lubricated, it is not possible to completely halt their movement. But it is possible to slow down this movement and help them relax.

However, to relax the eyes, the mind must also be relaxed. If your mind is racing away with other thoughts, the eyes will be straining to keep pace! Palming is the perfect way to enable both eyes and mind to relax at the same time. It is a simple procedure, taking less than 20 minutes, but of course, the length of time is a personal choice.

Step 1 is to rub your hands together so that they become warm. Next, place one palm over each eye, making sure that the palms are cupped in such a way that they never directly touch the eyes or put pressure on the eyelids. To make this as comfortable as possible, rest your elbows on a hard surface, like a table or your knees.

The next step is to fully relax. Very important. With your eyes closed beneath your palms, begin to feel the muscles in your body start to relax, starting from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, feeling each muscle in between start to relax. Firstly, you may see a grayish color, but as relaxation takes hold, this will change to a darker shade of black. The deeper this shade of black, the more relaxed your eyes.

The mind must be clear of all thoughts, unless you can picture pleasant things of course, but the essential thing is to focus on the darkness. If possible, try to remain in this relaxed stage for at least 15 minutes.

When you open your eyes again, things will be more in focus. Colors, shapes and lines will be better defined and your overall vision will be clearer.

This is just one simple way that you can use to improve eyesight naturally.

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